Balcony Inspection Bill: How Does Senate Bill 721 Impact You?

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Balcony Inspection Bill: How Does Senate Bill 721 Impact You?

Learn all about YOUR obligations under this recent state law from a leading construction management expert, Paul Reyes, A.D. Magellan Construction Management.

Did YOU know that California Law requires YOU to have YOUR balconies and other exterior building elements inspected by 2025?  Make sure YOU comply with the law!

On June 16, 2015 six people died and seven others were injured in a tragic residential balcony collapse in Berkeley, California. Structural analysis revealed that the wood framing of the balcony was severely weakened by dry rot from rainwater penetration due to improper sealing of the balcony to the main building.  In response, California enacted Senate Bill 721 (“The Balcony Bill” or “SB 721”) on September 17, 2018. SB 721 (Chapter 445, Stats. 2018) requires the inspection of balconies and other “exterior elevated elements” at all multifamily residential buildings with three or more units.

Paul Reyes
Founder and General Contractor, A.D. Magellan Construction Management

Paul Reyes is a licensed general contractor with over 15 years of construction experience in all areas of multifamily reconstruction and project management. He started in the industry as a general contractor, managing roof, building envelope, waterproofing, plumbing, and civil reconstruction repairs. In addition to Paul’s experience above, he has worked as an expert witness assisting in construction defect cases within California and Colorado overseeing communities to identify and resolve construction related issues.

He is one of the founders and partners of A.D Magellan, a leader in construction management specializing in inspections, scope development, bid facilitation, and project oversight services for multi-family communities. His unique experience as a contractor and a construction manager allow him to think outside the box and develop creative solutions for clients.

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