How to Maximize Enterprise-Level Utility Billing Tools for Independent Rental Property Owners

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WHEN: 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. on Friday, December 4th, 2020

How to Maximize Enterprise-Level Utility Billing Tools for Independent Rental Property Owners

SAVE MONEY!  Join us on Thursday, December 4, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. as we connect with Livable, the smart utility company.  Whether you’re a multifamily property owner or manager, Livable can help you to save money and conserve water and reduce your utility expenses by legally allocating and passing-through YOUR utility and waste hauling costs to YOUR tenants, which then encourages YOUR tenants to conserve.

Livable, the smart utility company, provides a suite of cloud services designed to reduce consumption while adding to your bottom line.  Join us as we learn about the latest ways to maximize online tools and enterprise level billing systems that will save YOU money and reduce YOUR utility costs.

Livable is the cutting-edge Utility Management Platform for both residential and commercial property owners and put cost savings at the forefront of what they do. Whether YOU operate 2, or 2,000 units, Livable’s goal is to provide YOU with a simple way to recover utility costs, increase the value of YOUR investment, and build community around conservation.

During this webinar, Livable’s smart utility conservation experts will share information on how you can legally save money, rent control or no rent control, and conserve utilities. Topics will include:

  • What do “Ratio Utility Billing Services” mean?  What does R.U.B.S. stand for?
  • What Enterprise-Level Utility Billing Tools exist and how can they help YOU?
  • How YOU can recover costs YOU currently pay from your tenants.  Where do YOU start?
  • How can YOU legally deploy RUBS, step-by-step, under varying regulatory environments, including under rent control?
  • How much money can you save with RUBS?  Is RUBS fair?
  • The latest technology tools and cloud services that can help YOU reduce utility consumption.
  • And, much, much more.  Q&A to follow.

Livable is the smart utility billing company that has created products designed to save YOU money, as well as save the environment by encouraging conservation.  By using Livable’s Ratio Utility Billing System, or “RUBS,” you can easily allocate your property’s utility bills such as water, electricity, waste removal and others and charge these costs to your tenants.

If YOU have master-metered utilities such as water or un-metered utilities such as waste hauling, by using Livable’s RUBS technology, YOU can allocate these bills and charge your tenants for their fair share.  The best thing about Livable’s technology, it is all perfectly legal to use in California.

GUEST SPEAKER:  Sarah Hoverson, Account Executive, Livable

Based in the San Diego area, Sarah Hoverson has since 2018 been an Account Executive with Livable.  Prior to working at Livable, she was an Account Executive at GRM Information Management Services and had worked as an Inside Sales specialist at both Thomson Reuters and P.R. Newswire.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

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