Opportunity to Exit

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by Brian Gordon

Every investment needs an exit strategy.  Without it, you’ve failed to map out a plan and like the old saying goes: “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  For many investors, the exit may be transferring to your children, charitable donation or simply securing the passive income to supplement a comfortable retirement.  For many new investors in the Southern California multifamily market, the opportunity to exit couldn’t come fast enough.

New Craigslist Rental Scams Target Landlords

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By Becky Bower 

Craigslist is a great tool to promote your vacancies and attract a ton of new, interested applicants, but it isn’t without its problems. The online classified site is notorious for being the playground for identity thieves, scammers, and digital criminals – and your rental properties could be their next target.

What’s Trust got to do with it? A Soft-Story Story.

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By Dee Soffer

Trust is fragile gift. One that you must hold on to dearly and handle it with utmost care. We need trust in everything we do. It’s that component in life that when you have it, everything becomes possible.  It is the basis of healthy relationships; first cultivated with ourselves and then with everything that surrounds us.

In this short article I want to focus on contractual trust. Where one party promises to act a certain way, and in return the other party promises to respond in an agreeable manner. This is the preliminary stage of establishing the very critical step of building the foundation for trust worthy relationships. The stage where expectations are built, and deliverables become metrics for character and capacities judgment. Presumably, both sides take this step with their best of intentions to meet expectations.

Misunderstanding And Inconsistency: The State Of Fraud In The Rental Housing Industry – Property Management Companies Lack A Layered And Systemic Approach To Fraud

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A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By TransUnion

In today’s property management environment, rental applications have mirrored our desire to do more online and less in person. However, with this increase in accessibility and convenience comes risk — which property management companies are not appropriately prepared for. Unbeknownst to them, the housing industry is experiencing an intense increase in fraud, and current fraud identification methods have not been able to keep up with today’s savvy fraudsters.

Why Now is a Good Time to Refinance

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By Robert Murphy

If borrowers have been deliberating whether to refinance existing CRE debt, today’s market conditions present an excellent opportunity to lock in long-term debt.  You may have recently heard talk about the yield curve flattening  – in this instance, short-term government rates have crept up within shouting distance of the 10-year Treasury yield.  The last time the spread between the 10T & 2T notes (as of 4/25: 0.53%) has been this narrow was April 2005.  Although the flattening yield curve is inviting discussion from market experts about possible inversion, the current flatter curve provides a long-term CRE investor with a terrific opportunity to refinance existing floating-rate debt.

DST 1031 Exchange: What is it and how might it help with my current 1031 Exchange?

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By Dwight Kay | KPI1031.com

So you’ve decided to do a 1031 exchange, meaning you have decided to sell your property and invest that money in another property in order to defer the federal capital gains tax, state capital gains tax, depreciation recapture tax and the Medicare surtax. Smart!

But are you just moving from one headache to another? If you’re looking to retire from property management but you still want to defer your taxes using a 1031 exchange and keep your invested money working for you, you might be interested in learning about a DST.

Protecting taxpayer interests in the fire liability fight

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By Jon Coupal

One of the most contentious political battles currently being waged in Sacramento during the final two weeks of the legislative session is over the extent to which investor-owned utilities, such as Pacific Gas & Electric, should be held liable and have to compensate property owners for the damage inflicted by the horrendous wildfires that are still burning across the state. Average California taxpayers and homeowners probably sense this is a big deal because of extensive media coverage, but may not know what to think about it.


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By Becky Bower | ApplyConnect

As the majority of the country takes a break proposing and passing new rental housing laws and regulations, let’s take a moment to review the rental housing bills that are currently up to bat. From regulations on service animals in Illinois, rental property registration in the city of Portland, and additional homeless grants and assistance in California, the rental housing legislation at this point is a mixed bag. Take a look below at the passed and proposed rental housing laws in your state.