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3 Crucial Steps to Shop for the Best Apartment Loan

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Here is an article from one our affiliates on how to get the best loan:

by Henry Young

Make sure you have your Rent Roll updated and Income/Expense Statements for the last 2 years on the building available. Every lender is going to need this information along with your tax returns so you can get a head start by having this paperwork ready.

2. DON’T FOCUS JUST ON THE RATE: Besides getting a quote on the rate, make sure you find out and understand the other terms of the loan: type of prepay, lender fees, good faith deposits, loan maturity, amortization term, is the loan assumable and what happens after the fixed period? Remember this: A lower rate doesn’t always mean it’s the best loan for you!

3. ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH A LENDER: Choose a lender that is going to take the time to review and understand your entire real estate portfolio and develop a financing plan not just for this one transaction, but for future needs as well.

If you would like more information on this article or would like to speak to an Apartment Loan Specialist that can help you with all of the above, please contact Fortune Bancorp at (888) 889-8757 or email Darren DiMarco at

Things to come

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In weeks to come, there will be many changes to the website; and we are hoping that people will enjoy our new additions.

New features are:

  • A Featured Article section that will allow readers insight into the market
  • Links to affiliates that will allow you to find other websites that match your needs
  • An online classified section, giving you the opportunity to find real estate in the southern California region on our website

Greetings from Apartment Management

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Apartment Management Magazine is a 49-year-old monthly publication mailed directly to over 70,000 property owners. We are located in the Southern California region, and aim to provide each of our clients with the best service possible.

We just opened this blog so that way we can give you info about the Apartment Management industry, and give you a sense of what we are about. We are looking to post about what is new and important in our industry, and give you all the best information as possible.

As the housing market is constantly changing, we hope to keep you informed and provide material that can be discussed and dissected.