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one-2-flush-save-water-save-moneyOne2flush is the first American-assembled and packaged dual flush toilet conversion kit that turns almost any toilet into a high efficiency, low flow, dual flush toilet, reducing water usage by 40%. The average American family of 4 can save 30 gallons a day, or 10,000 gallons a year-the size of a 27-foot long swimming pool. The product is an easy-to-install, affordable solution for homeowners and property managers who want to reuse existing toilets while enjoying the financial and environmental benefits.

HOW IT WORKS: The chambers are designed to pull in half the normal amount of water to flush liquids, and a full tank of water to flush away solids. Push the dual action handle one way for liquids, the other way for solids.

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One2flush Basic Kit 4258

One2flush Basic Kit 4258

One2flush Repair Kit 201

One2flush Repair Kit 201

One2flush Fill Valve 203

One2flush Fill Valve 203

One2flush Conversion Kit 200

One2flush Conversion Kit 200

Apartment Management Publications is an authorized dealer for One2Flush and able to offer you competitive pricing on quantities for multi-unit upgrades, including all appropriate hardware and retrofit parts. We ship from Southern California to anywhere in the USA.


  • Dual Flush kit (displayed w/ signage)
    PN: 4258: $34.95
  • Dual Flush kit (displayed w/ box)
    PN: 200: $34.95
  • Water Saving Fill Valve
    PN: 203: $12.95
  • Toilet repair kit (keep installation “hassle-free”)
    PN: 201: $6.95
  • Plumber’s kit (all 3 pieces: 200, 201, 203)
    PN: 4244: $49.95

Bulk Pricing

Order 3 cases or more and get free shipping!

  • Plumber’s kit case (8 units):
    PN: 4244: $335.60 plus tax
    (save 15%!)
  • Basic Dual Flush kit (8 units):
    PN: 200: $239.60 plus tax
    (save 15%!)
  • Larger discounts available for larger quantities ordered by the case.


  • $7 per item:
    Water Saving Fill Valve (203)
    Toilet Repair kit (201)
  • $8 per item: Dual Flush kit (4258/200)
  • $12 per item: Plumber’s kit (4244)

Order 3 cases or more and get free shipping!

How to Order

To place orders, or to ask any questions:

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Homeowners and Communities start saving immediately!

Switching to a One2Flush dual flush toilet will save a typical family of 4 more than 10,000 gallons of water a year. Depending on water district rates, a dual flush toilet can begin paying for itself with the first flush.

With a One2Flush dual flush toilet communities pump less water to the home, process significantly less wastewater, and by not disposing of old, non-degradable toilets – decrease landfill usage. One2Flush is one of the simplest water conservation tools available.

Perfect for Multi-Tenant Communities

At a national level, HUD promotes water efficiency through the use of  “qualified product that are more sustainable than equivalent conventional products.”

Water savings of 38.1% were recorded in metered tests conducted at Western Michigan University under the direction of the Facilities Management department. These independently monitored tests in student housing measured hundreds of flushes through a variety of toilets. The average water savings using a One2flush dual flush valve were far more sustainable than the standard flapper valve in the toilet.

We support HUD’s continuing commitment to conservation, healthy housing and the associated cost benefits. Our dual flush system is IAPMO certified and features the Uniform Plumbing Code seal in the housing of our device. For around $30 per toilet, the One2flush can significantly reduce the water and waste treatment costs of public housing for far less than replacing entire toilets.

Some might argue that teaching residents to turn a handle one way for a light rinse and the other for solids is not a credible solution to reducing water consumption. We disagree and further support HUD’s call for resident involvement in the “greening” process.  Public housing residents are no different than the general population in their concern for the environment.  To think otherwise is the product of well worn stereotyping not shared in PIH industry circles.

One2Flush complete product kit

One2Flush complete product kit #4244

Standard in Europe for years, dual flush valve systems are now becoming a standard feature in American toilets as U.S. manufacturers embrace the economical and environmental benefits. But for the millions of homeowners who want to convert their existing single-flush or low-flush toilets, their options have been limited to foreign kits with hard to install, poorly designed mechanisms, or build-it-yourself contraptions of bricks and water bags.


For under $35, now every homeowner can get in on the water conservation, ‘save water, save money’ movement. One2flush is the first dual flush conversion kit that can reduce water usage by as many as 30 gallons a day for the average family, or more than 10,000 gallons a year. That’s the equivalent of filling a 27-foot long swimming pool.

How does it work? Just push the dual action handle one way for liquids, the other way for solids, and the dual flush system smartly draws in the correct amount of water needed to efficiently and completely clean away the waste. And it’s so simple to install, both male and female homeowners can easily convert their toilet with just 3 simple tools, a bucket and a sponge. Watch  our spokesperson install the dual conversion toilet kit here.


Because the One2flush requires less water, it takes in less water and sends less wastewater to area treatment plants and septic systems. Imagine if entire communities installed the One2flush! And because the One2flush gives new life to older non-degradable porcelain toilets, landfills across the country will require less space. That’s good news for America.


You’ll find plenty of dual flush toilets on the market starting at $200. But with One2flush, you can retrofit 7 toilets for the same price. So hold onto that porcelain toilet-it’s about to work harder than ever for you.


Until now, toilet repair options were limited to individual flapper, gasket, fill valve and flush valve kits, with the homeowner as detective, trying to decide which part needed to be replaced. The One2flush is an all-in-one product, eliminating any guesswork. And traditional manufacturers use flimsy propylene for their housings, and rubber for their flappers and seals, which eventually break down from constant exposure to water and common household cleaning agents placed in the tank. One2flush uses tough, recycled ABS plastic and longer-lasting silicon seals for strength and wear. Once you install our unit, you can forget it’s even there.

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