Green Property Management Practices and Why Residents Love Them

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Energy savingsYou’ve likely already addressed the main staples of your building’s eco-friendly performance when it comes to energy assessments, water use, and green building principles and general practices. However, many of the little things that really make a green community truly green may still need addressing. Residents across the nation are into trends, and fortunately, being green is a trend – one that’s hopefully here to stay.

Do your part for Mother Earth and tap into that potential tenant base by appealing to their eco-friendly side with Energy Star appliances, green pest control, green cleaning, green landscaping, and adequate waste reduction and recycling programs.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Fixtures

Properties built green already have them, but those considering a green property upgrade should consider installing them: we’re talking about Energy Star rated appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and laundry machines. Tenants love energy-efficient appliances because they cost them less money on their utility bills. Not only are these modern appliances eco-friendly, but many energy-efficient appliances produce less heat during use – an additional benefit during warm seasons.

Green Pest Control

Eco-conscious people possibly detest the use of pesticides more than just about anything, so fostering green pest control practices is a big one to green tenants who don’t want to come home to the scent of chemicals. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) certification indicates that a pest control company is trained in green pest control techniques. Look for these types of preventive and maintenance services in lieu of a traditional exterminator. Certifications to look for in green pest control contractors include those from EcoWise, GreenPro and Greenshield.

Waste Reduction & Recycling

Does your waste management company offer recycling? Do they offer real recycling, complete with clearly identifiable bins at no cost to residents? If not, then you should search for such a provider. Going green is all about recycling by both property management staff and tenants, and there’s nothing green tenants love more than feeling like they’re a part of the solution. Make it easy for them to feel good with a well-defined and implemented waste reduction and recycling plan for the community.

Green Rental Property Cleaning Methods

Do you periodically offer professional carpet cleaning for long-term tenants? Surely, you clean any windows, carpeting and drapes located in common areas and rental offices. Either way, make sure to employ the expertise of a green cleaning company. When it comes to housekeeping staff for your high-rise or concierge-style community, be certain to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, preferably those made of diluted solutions that lack harsh chemicals.

Green Landscaping and Lighting

Green lighting should feature compact fluorescent light bulbs and timers, while motion activated lighting can be useful within non-essential areas. Lighting is necessary for protection at night, and water keeps the landscaping alive, but thrifty use is impressive to residents who don’t like to see valuable resources wasted on any level.

There are plenty of small, easy ways to Green Your Rental Property beyond these few steps. Be sure to promote your eco-friendly property features via social media and within your rental advertisements!

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