Updating an Apartment for Spring: Choosing Colors

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When it’s time to update and renovate an apartment, there are a number of different things to consider. One of those things is the time of year you’re going to be offering that apartment for rent. While you need neutral colors that look good all year round, you also want to appeal to potential tenants when they first walk in the door.

As spring approaches, it’s important to look for colors that are going to work well with that time of year, and evoke the feeling of home to anyone who comes to see the apartment. Many people associate spring with softer colors, like pastels. Light blues, greens, and yellows are commonly used during that time of year. Of course, the colors you use in the updated apartment won’t change with the seasons, so that’s an important consideration.

By selecting light, airy colors, you can update the apartment for springtime but also keep your tenants happy throughout the year. Especially in climates where it’s cold and dreary during the winter months, those softer, cheerful colors will be a great choice when it comes to making your tenants feel happy and comfortable.

Another consideration regarding colors is avoiding anything that might easily clash with furniture or other belongings. If a potential tenant thinks that their belongings aren’t going to look good in the apartment without repainting all the walls, that potential tenant may decide to look for something else.

Repainting an apartment and getting it ready for spring can take time, and you don’t want to do all that work just to have a tenant ask if they can repaint it before they move in. Some apartment complexes don’t allow tenants to paint the walls at all, while others agree to it, provided it’s repainted the original colors before the tenant moves out.

If you choose your colors wisely, you’ll have happy tenants and you won’t need to worry about those tenants wanting to repaint the apartment. The colors will last for a long time, and they’ll work with each and every season as tenants come and go over time. The more light and neutral you decide to be when choosing colors, the longer those colors will work in the space.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider doing something bold, though, as long as it’s not carried through the entire apartment. A lot of landlords like to create an accent wall in the living room, or another area of the apartment, to provide some visual interest. If you do that, you could use a pale yellow on the walls and a darker or brighter yellow in only one area, for example.

No matter what you choose when you’re updating an apartment, remember that spring colors can be popular choices all year round. Since they generally make an apartment feel lighter and bigger, many landlords use them on a regular basis, no matter what time of year they choose to make renovations and updates to their existing apartments.

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