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Create Nearly Instantaneous Connections with Residents and Prospects Using Instagram and Just a Few Keystrokes

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by Elaine Simpson | Occupancy Solutions, LLC

Forget about putting up signs or relying on word-of-mouth; social media is the modern way to make hundreds of people aware of, and learn about your products and services.  Up to 60% of apartment dwellers report that they found their rental through website listings and social media. 

How To Attract Property Management Contracts Beyond Local Prospects

Written by Apartment Management Magazine on . Posted in Blog

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Extending your property management circles to entice remote property owners can be fruitful when approached correctly. Remember, property owners are looking for someone they can trust to oversee their vested interests as well as help them improve the rental value of their rental properties regardless of locale. Property owners that live elsewhere are looking for someone they can trust to have their backs even though they aren’t nearby to oversee your every move.

When approaching these potential clients for business, keep in mind that less-than-stellar management companies may have disappointed them in the past. Show them that you are that special management company or supervisor that surpasses these challenges by actively seeking out their business and advertising beyond just local boundaries. These property management tips will help you reach possible owners outside your local market.

Print Medium Speaks Volumes

Don’t hesitate to promote your business with a banner, billboard, or print ad that declares, “I’m a property manager looking out for your interests, regardless of where you live!” Whether you are an online promoter, a print ad advocate or a supporter of both, utilize what the means you have available. If you live in a metropolitan area with mass transportation, take advantage of print ads, sign up for taxicab promotions, and those with larger budgets can strive for buses and mass transit ad space. Others can can look for low-cost print space in local registries and free publications.

Utilize Professional Marketing and Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites are all attention grabbers for those who stay apprised of current events in the neighborhood and the community. Use your web presence to establish your authority on local events, and don’t hesitate to hire professionals or utilize an online management service to keep this goal on track. Take time to read and respond to online reviews of your property, and if those things have gotten out of control, consider hiring a reputation management expert for assistance.

Professional Networking About Your Expectations

Yes, blogging and sharing what you expect from tenants can attract new property management clients. If you expect superior behavior from your residents, then what would a property owner expect from you? Expecting the same isn’t asking for too much, so utilize your professional network to promote these successes and your demand for tenant excellence.

A Brief Summary of Tips for Landing Remote Property Management Clients

As you’re trying to gain notice from new clients from a distance, keep these tips in mind.

  • Offer the same level of service you give to local property owners to remote clients.
  • Agree to a risk-free trial term.
  • Provide regular updates and occupancy stats to owners.
  • Be prepared to DWIT – Do Whatever it Takes

From newbies to old-school pros, these tips for expanding in the property management scene beyond your local area can help take your business to the next level of success.

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